Sample Re-entering Work Force Resume

A functional resume is a good way to stress your skills when you haven't had a lot of paying jobs that show your strengths because you can choose the headings that best capture your unique skill set and then stress the skills you've acquired from a variety of experiences. You should choose three or four skill categories, and then have at least three, but preferably four, examples of the work you did in those skill categories. After the skills section, you must still do a brief chronological listing of the jobs/experiences from which you gained the skills. And you should consider adding a Qualifications Summary, where before you describe your skills experience, you stress five or six key abilities/characteristics that you want to "jump out" at the reviewer.

A functional resume is particularly good if you have gaps in your employment, because you can stress your skills and strengths, but in the chronolgical list at the bottom you only list the jobs/experiences from which you gained the strengths. Since these include volunteer experiences as well as paying jobs, gaps can be camouflaged.

Below is a sample functional resume for a woman re-entering the work force.

Wendy Raleigh
123 South Street
St. Louis, MO, 63130
(314) 476-8321


Management and Supervision

Processes and Procedures



1992 - present   Board Member Dolphins Swim Team (President.1995 - present)
1991 - present   Community Resources Council (Secretary 1994 - present)
1985 - 1991   Computer Systems Resources:
    Proposal Manager, 1987 - 1991
    Assistant Proposal Manager, 1985-1987
1982 - 1985   Data Systems International, Proposal Evaluator

EDUCATION Business Systems, Washington University; St. Louis, MO

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